Bali Sky Buddhas

BALI SKY BUDDHAS are luminously printed on durable fabric that will hold up in wind, sun and rain. The flags are divided into 12 lengths of 9 flags each, strung and sewn. This allows you the flexibility of stringing them all together or placing them in varying lengths wherever you choose.

Bali Sky Buddhas The tradition of prayer flags dates from ancient Asia. Artist Joe Singer who resides in Bali has created this unique series of 108 BALI SKY BUDDHAS, honoring that custom and the place that he now calls home.

The significance of “108” has many origins. “1” stands for God or Higher Truth, “0” represents emptiness/wholeness in spiritual practice, and “8” signifies eternity/infinity. There are said to be 108 desires, emotions and delusions and Buddhis and Hindu Rosaries number 108 beads.

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108 Sky Buddhas 108 Sky Buddhas

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